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Revive & Thrive: Shaping the Future of Downtown Raleigh

**Revive & Thrive: Shaping the Future of Downtown Raleigh**Hosted by: Crank Arm Brewing Company**Description:**Downtown Raleigh, rich in culture and community spirit, has seen a shift in its vibrancy with a decline of 9,000 daily visitors compared to pre-pandemic levels. "Revive & Thrive" offers a platform for constructive dialogue—aimed not at dwelling on challenges but at forging actionable solutions. Join us in a community-driven effort to enhance the connectivity and resilience of Downtown Raleigh.**Schedule:**5:30 PM - 6:15 PM: Meetup at Crank Arm Brewing. Enjoy local flavors with **[Bulkogi](** food truck.6:15 PM: Sip and Stroll through Downtown Raleigh's social district, witnessing the current atmosphere and potential enhancements. 7:00 PM: Moderated Round Table and Community DiscussionModerator:**Jacob Molz** Local Business Leader & EntrepreneurPanel:**Heather McDougall, PhD** Chief Innovation Officer Office of Strategy & Innovation City of Raleigh**Matt Coleman** Owner of The Davie and Downtown Raleigh Resident**Pam Blondin** Owner DECO Raleigh and Downtown Raleigh Resident**TBD** City Council Member**Bill King** CEO Downtown Raleigh Alliance **Discussion Topics:**Business Adaptation: Innovative ways businesses can diversify their offerings.Event and Attraction Development: Identifying events that could regularly attract visitors.Public Spaces Enhancement: Strategies for creating engaging and functional public spaces.Residential and Commercial Integration: Approaches to blend living and business spaces to foster a vibrant community.Transportation and Accessibility: Improving access and mobility within Downtown Raleigh.Parking Strategy: A special focus on the current parking charges with mostly empty lots. Proposals for making parking free until the demand necessitates charging, or adopting a model where parking is free except for overnight hours (midnight to 6 AM) to prevent long-term parking without stifling visitor flow.Desired Outcomes:Foster a united community effort to revitalize Downtown Raleigh.Generate actionable strategies for enhancing the area's appeal.Establish a clear, collaborative vision for the post-pandemic future of Downtown Raleigh.**Additional Notes:**Maintain a forward-looking, solution-oriented discussion tone.Encourage broad participation, ensuring diverse community representation.Focus on generating practical solutions and setting clear next steps.
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